Listen to ‘The Light’

by admin | September 19, 2014


Monarchy’s new EP ‘Almost Human’ is streaming live on SoundCloud, so go check it out here and don’t miss the interlude (segue) ‘The Light’ featuring Eric! You can get the EP here on ITunes.

Credit: MonarchySound

CSI ‘Ultimate Look Back’ at S14

by admin | September 19, 2014

TVGuide S15 Info (Greg/Sara episode)

by admin | September 18, 2014

RETURNS Sunday, Sept. 28, 10/9c, CBS

Is the wrong man on death row thanks to D.B. Russell? Season 15 has the CSI night-shift chief, played by Ted Danson, dealing with a crisis of conscience, and a threat to his career, when Las Vegas is rattled by a series of murders strikingly similar to those committed by the Gig Harbor Killer – aka Jared Briscoe (Mark-Paul Gossalaar) – a sicko Russell put behind bars years ago.
The season-long story arc will also “threaten the reputation of the entire crime lab,” says executive producer Don McGill, who will add to Russell’s troubles by bringing in an old foe from the Seattle PD, Daniel Shaw (Mark Valley). A rule-bending, authority-flaunting crime solver, Shaw comes to Vegas in search of his former partner, who went missing while working on a case there. “Russell has great reason to distrust him,” hints McGill.
Naturally, there’s more mayhem, but also a possible romance: A shooter will open fire at a CSI convention, endangering the women of the lab, while Nick (George Eads) uncovers suggestions of the supernatural when he investigates the death of a high school chemistry teacher. “Sara [Jorja Fox] and Greg [Eric Szmanda] will face down death, very literally, when a plague scare hits Vegas,” says McGill. “The event will draw them together, suggesting a closeness we may not have seen before.”

Source: TV Guide Magazine

CSI BTS Pictures :)

by admin | September 16, 2014

I have no idea which episode they are filming right now, but Lem Fishburne has uploaded two pictures of Eric and Ted on set :) (I will added the episode number once i know more)

- Added x2 – [2000- ] CSI: Crime Scene Investigation > On the set & Backstage > Season 15


Credit: Lem Fishburne

CSI 15×02 ‘Buzz Kill’ Press Release

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“Buzz Kill” – The CSI team investigates a robbery and fatal shooting at a medical marijuana shop, on CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION, Sunday, Oct. 5 (10:30-11:30 PM, ET / 10:00-11:00 PM, PT), on the CBS Television Network.

Ted Danson (D.B. Russell)
Elisabeth Shue (Julie Finlay)
George Eads (Nick Stokes)
Jorja Fox (Sara Sidle)
Eric Szmanda (Greg Sanders)
Robert David Hall (Dr. Robbins)
David Berman (David Phillips)
Wallace Langham (David Hodges)
Elisabeth Harnois (Morgan Brody)
Jon Wellner (Henry Andrews)

Alimi Ballard (Det. Kevin Crawford)
Richard Speight Jr. (Lloyd Bryant)
Alycia Grant (Allison Ball)
Jama Williamson (Dina Bryant)
Matthew Tyler Risch (Calvin Reynolds)
James Ferris (Detective Keys)
Andrew Fiscella (Remi Volero)
Jeff Bowser (Customer)
John Clinton Culp (Security Guard)
Christopher Poehls (Stuart Ball)
Jon Farless (CSI Tech Murph)
Asante Jones (Swat Captain)

WRITTEN BY: Andrew Dettman
DIRECTED BY: Frank Waldeck

Source: CBS

CSI S15: 20 episodes

by admin | September 15, 2014

According to SpoilerTV, the fifteenth season of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation will consist of 20 episodes, instead of 22. The show will premiere in its new timeslot on Sunday, September 28 at 10:00pm ET/PT. When CSI’s season ends, the new spinoff CSI: Cyber will take over the timeslot.



by admin | September 6, 2014

Frank Waldeck and Lem Fishburne have once again shared a few behind the scenes pictures! :) I think they started filming for a new episode so I’m guessing this is episode 17 (but I’m not sure).

- Added x2 – [2000- ] CSI: Crime Scene Investigation > On the set & Backstage > Season 15


Credit: Frank Waldeck & Lem Fishburne

CSI S15 Premiere ‘The CSI Effect’ Preview

by admin | September 3, 2014

Gallery update: Magazine scan + BTS

by admin | August 31, 2014

Frank Waldeck has uploaded another behind the scenes picture for episode 15×06 on twitter! And thanks to Miriam i’ve added a small article from the dutch tv gide Avrobode to the gallery, the article is about Greg’s episode ‘It Was A Very Good Year’ which aired on August 4th.

- Added x1 – [2000- ] CSI: Crime Scene Investigation > On the set & Backstage > Season 15
x1 – Magazine Scans > Avrobode (Dutch) (August (2nd to 8th) 2014)

A translation for the dutch article:

A death body in the piano

The CSI’s have seen the strangest murders in the past 13 seasons. Now they find the lifeless body of a famous music historic, hidden in a piano. CSI Greg Sanders (Eric Szmanda, picture) is pretty upset because he knows the woman. In this episode we learn more about Greg’s private life, who started working in the lab and is now a CSI working crime scenes. In previous seasons we already learned that Greg loves rock music, is good in Japanese origami and likes to surf. Even though Greg denies it, his family thinks he’s psychic.


The Light

by admin | August 30, 2014


English duo Monarchy will release their new EP ‘Almost Human’ on September 8th, which has 6 new songs (not including their latest single ‘Living Without You’). The lead single for the EP is the EP’s title track “Almost Human“, which premiered on Monarchy’s Soundcloud on August 28th.

The EP also includes a collaboration with American CSI-actor Eric Szmanda, who has previously done the introductory voice for Monarchy’s “Disintegration” music video. He is also responsible for introducing Dita von Teese to the duo.

1. The Beautiful Ones
2. Black Widow
3. All Our Friends
4. The Light (feat. Eric Szmanda)
5. Take Me Out Your Mind
6. Almost Human

Source: Monarchy twitter and (iTunes)