Gallery update: Magazine scan + BTS

by admin | August 31, 2014

Frank Waldeck has uploaded another behind the scenes picture for episode 15×06 on twitter! And thanks to Miriam i’ve added a small article from the dutch tv gide Avrobode to the gallery, the article is about Greg’s episode ‘It Was A Very Good Year’ which aired on August 4th.

- Added x1 – [2000- ] CSI: Crime Scene Investigation > On the set & Backstage > Season 15
- x1 – Magazine Scans > Avrobode (Dutch) (August (2nd to 8th) 2014)

A translation for the dutch article:

A death body in the piano

The CSI’s have seen the strangest murders in the past 13 seasons. Now they find the lifeless body of a famous music historic, hidden in a piano. CSI Greg Sanders (Eric Szmanda, picture) is pretty upset because he knows the woman. In this episode we learn more about Greg’s private life, who started working in the lab and is now a CSI working crime scenes. In previous seasons we already learned that Greg loves rock music, is good in Japanese origami and likes to surf. Even though Greg denies it, his family thinks he’s psychic.


The Light

by admin | August 30, 2014


English duo Monarchy will release their new EP ‘Almost Human’ on September 8th, which has 6 new songs (not including their latest single ‘Living Without You’). The lead single for the EP is the EP’s title track “Almost Human“, which premiered on Monarchy’s Soundcloud on August 28th.

The EP also includes a collaboration with American CSI-actor Eric Szmanda, who has previously done the introductory voice for Monarchy’s “Disintegration” music video. He is also responsible for introducing Dita von Teese to the duo.

1. The Beautiful Ones
2. Black Widow
3. All Our Friends
4. The Light (feat. Eric Szmanda)
5. Take Me Out Your Mind
6. Almost Human

Source: Monarchy twitter and (iTunes)

Very handsome!

by admin | August 29, 2014

Couldn’t agree more with Frank!


  – Added x1 – [2000- ] CSI: Crime Scene Investigation > On the set & Backstage > Season 15

Credit: Frank Waldeck

CSI 15×01 ‘The CSI Effect’ Press Release

by admin | August 29, 2014


Guest Stars Include Mark-Paul Gosselaar as Twins Jared Briscoe and Paul Winthrop, And Mark Valley as Detective Daniel Shaw

“The CSI Effect” – Finlay must deal with a bomb planted in her car, while Russell gets a call from someone claiming to be the Gig Harbor killer, on the 15th season premiere of CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION, Sunday, Sept 28 (10:00-11:00, ET/PT), on the CBS Television Network. Mark-Paul Gosselaar guest stars as twins Jared Briscoe and Paul Winthrop, and Mark Valley as Detective Daniel Shaw.

Ted Danson (D.B. Russell)
Elisabeth Shue (Julie Finlay)
George Eads (Nick Stokes)
Jorja Fox (Sara Sidle)
Eric Szmanda (Greg Sanders)
Robert David Hall (Dr. Robbins)
David Berman (David Phillips)
Wallace Langham (David Hodges)
Elisabeth Harnois (Morgan Brody)
Jon Wellner (Henry Andrews)

Marc Vann (Conrad Ecklie)
Mark Valley (Daniel Shaw)
Jason Gerhardt (Squad Leader Anthony Hurst)
Mark-Paul Gosselaar (Paul Winthrop)
Rob Nagle (Mark Turner)
Paul James (Bomb Tech Bob Warner)
Ayla Glass (Female Asst)
Bryan Cuprill (Seattle Detective)
Brooke Nevin (Maya)

WRITTEN BY: Christopher Barbour and Don McGill
DIRECTED BY: Alec Smight

Credit: CBS

Monte Carlo Television Festival 2014 pictures

by admin | August 22, 2014

Five more pictures from the MCTF have been added to the gallery :)

- Added x5 – Public Events – 2014 > 07-06-2014 Monte Carlo Television Festival Day 1 – Red Carpet

MCTF14day1 (41)MCTF14day1 (42)MCTF14day1 (40)


BTS CSI 15×05 + Garden Party Pics

by admin | August 15, 2014

Frank Waldeck has uploaded 3 bts pictures from episode 5 (Girls Gone Wilder)! And i’ve added 2 more pictures from Eric at Dita’s garden party :)

- Added x3 – [2000- ] CSI: Crime Scene Investigation > On the set & Backstage > Season 15
- Added x2 – 27-07-2014 Dita Von Teese’s Annual Garden&Art Party,The Kia Motors Malibu Estate


Credit: Jessicka Addams, Frank Waldeck, @TalentResources

CSI: Where we left off

by admin | August 8, 2014

Premieres: Sunday, Sept. 28 at 10/9c

Where We Left Off:
The team worked with a retired cop to solve a small-town murder with remarkable similarities to one the ex-cop investigated 25 years ago. And the show set up veteran cast member Paul Guilfoyle’s exit when, after Capt. Brass’ troubled daughter Ellie attempted suicide, he made an abrupt decision to focus on his relationship with his daughter.
What’s Next: While the premiere will explain Brass’ “extended leave of absence” the CSIs will quickly jump into a serial killer case that will run throughout the season. Mark-Paul Gosselaar guest-stars as a murderer on death row whom D.B. Russell convicted years ago, as well as his identical twin brother, who may have picked up where his sibling left off. “Is it an acolyte? Has the person in prison found a new partner? Or worst case scenario, did Russell put the wrong person away?” executive producer Don McGill teases. Elsewhere, Finlay will get a new love interest in Human Target’s Mark Valley, and Greg and Sara’s close bond will be explored further. Plus: Look for another girls’ night out episode!

Source: TVGuide


by admin | July 31, 2014

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to let you all know that I’m leaving for a two week vacation tomorrow (aug 1st). I should have internet there but I’m not sure how good the connection is so updates might be slow (or none) for the next two weeks.

Dita Von Teese’s annual Garden & Art party

by admin | July 30, 2014

Dita Von Teese

Last Sunday Dita Von Teese held her annual Garden & Art party at the Kia Motors Malibi Estate, and of course Eric attended the party!

- x3 – 27-07-2014 Dita Von Teese’s Annual Garden&Art Party at The Kia Motors Malibu Estate

Picture credit: APImages

BTS CSI 15×04

by admin | July 30, 2014

David Berman and Lem Fishburne have shared some pictures from the 4th season 15 episode!

- Updated x2 – [2000- ] CSI: Crime Scene Investigation > On the set & Backstage > Season 15